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We would like to introduce you a gorgeous, bizarre, and wacky project called Pinupocalypse.

It’s a one-shot graphic novel conceived, drawn and colored by artist Andrew Tarusov and scripted with co-writer Brendan Jones. Pinupocalypse is a satirical “monster mash” of ‘50s horror and sci-fi tropes; an Ed Wood and George Romero sandwich with a side of Gil Elvgren cheesecake. In short, it’s cool, daddy-o, real cool.

The “elevator pitch”: Suburban California, the 1950s. A teen beauty queen and a leather- clad “bad girl” rely on each other - and fall in love - during a bizarre alien attack that leaves Earth’s entire population zombified.

Pinupocalypse: flying saucers, walking dead, giant women in torn stockings, and a girl-girl love story to boot. What more could you want?


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Andrew Tarusov

Russian native writer/artist Andrew Tarusov is an internationally established talent whose work has been in Playboy, Maxim, FOX, Disney, Cosmo, etc. Known for his playful and sexy, retro-style pin-ups, he has also, with the help of his thousands of Instagram followers and Patreon patrons, successfully crowd-funded multiple Kickstarter projects including the self-published erotic graphic novel Swinging Island.

Brendan Jones

American co-writer Brendan Jones, creator of the satirical cult-favorite webcomic Breakfast of the Gods, brings an editorial pen, providing a little gloss to Tarusov’s words.

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TARUSOV-LOGO small.png